Parent’s Comments

Parents comments


Well, where do I start, this Pre School has been the making of my daughter. They have been there through thick and thin and supported us in every way. The teachers have given her confidence and helped her personality shine through. The tuition that has been provided to my daughter and her peers has been outstanding, this has been due to the staff and their dedication and experience . My daughter has never not wanted to go to the preschool.


My little girl attended Holmwood for 2 years and I can’t recommend them highly enough. It’s not your usual pre-school, it is a home environment where each child is loved and cared for so well, the children absolutely thrive.  The staff are incredible and amazing at what they do and always go above and beyond for the children. 

The tapestry journal the pre-school keep for parents is extensive and such a lovely thing to keep looking back on at your child’s journey. 

Ever since her first day, my little girl has gone into pre-school excited and with a smile on her face and doesn’t look back. She has come on leaps and bounds in her 2 years there and they have been such a huge part in shaping my little girl into who she is now. Any child and parent would be lucky to be a part of Holmwood.


To the Future Parent’s looking at Holmwood and thinking if this is the place for my child? Then the answer would be 100% yes. 

I am so grateful for everything you guys have done, whether it’s handling a difficult time like Covid and keeping the kids safe or watching my son turn into the sweetest boy. He is confident and ready for reception.  I will miss you all and thank you again.♡ 


I’ve been trying to think what to write that will capture how lucky I feel that Isaac has joined Holmwood. I’ve seen him develop in all areas and become a secure, confident, kind little boy who clearly feels safe and happy in his environment. He loves to talk about his teachers and friends and the activities he’s done and is so excited when I tell him it’s a nursery day. The staff are amazing; nurturing, knowledgeable and professional and clearly have strong relationships with all the children who thrive under their care. The feedback, both verbal during drop off and pickups and via the tapestry site is also excellent and I feel completely informed as to Isaac’s learning and how his days have gone. Thank you all so much for making lockdown more bearable and giving Isaac such a happy, fun time.

Kerry Russell

Holmwood is such a wonderful preschool.
I was so nervous about sending my little boy to preschool but from the moment I walked in, it felt so welcoming. The teachers are wonderful, thoughtful, and genuinely care about the children…they go above and beyond for them. As a parent, what is also reassuring is that they are always around if you have any questions/ concerns as well.
My little boy has grown in confidence, and they have given him the perfect grounding for primary school. I couldn’t have wished for him to go to a better preschool, they have really helped lay the best foundation for my boy’s future.

Claire Harrison

My child joined Holmwood in September 2020. She’s loved her time at the preschool and has  made some wonderful friends. Always comes home happy.  The preschool is a small and very nurturing environment and I think its size helps children make stronger bonds with each other and their teachers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other parents.

Veronica Kirkby

Holmwood is the most incredible preschool. The staff have created the best environment for the children to grow and learn always with fun at the forefront. My son is coming to the end of his time here, but he has had the most amazing experience. He is keen every day to go to preschool (even weekends) and always comes out with the biggest smile and constant chatter of what adventures he has been up too.  With all the wonderful support he has received,  my son has developed into an extremely confident boy who is full of fun and is able to express himself clearly.  The Holmwood family are awesome, and we will miss them all. 

Tasha Lautier

My daughter has just finished her time at Holmwood, and she’s loved every minute. Every day she would be so excited to attend. Holmwood isn’t exactly my local Preschool however, having my eldest child attend there a few years ago I knew the extra journey time would be well worth it – and it was. The teachers are so nurturing, and they got to know my children so well, even picking up on their little quirks that you might think no one would really pay much attention too. Not only did I feel completely at ease when meeting the teachers for the first time, but my children did too. One of the very first things I noticed when I came to visit Holmwood was how lovely the Preschool room was. It had such a lovely warm feel to it, very calming, yet interesting and engaging activities perfectly laid out for the children to explore. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Holmwood Preschool to anyone, it has been so consistent in providing a happy, fun, safe and caring environment for my children to learn and grow and for that I’m forever grateful.


Holmwood Preschool truly is amazing. I am deeply sad my son is leaving this year but also very happy my daughter is joining in September which I have no doubt she will succeed just as well as my son has over the years from all the help of the wonderful staff. 
From the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t off asked for a better place for my son to attend. 
Karen, Jo, Pam, Liz, Michelle & Julie you have no idea how loved you all are from the children & parents. 

Daniel & Sian

We visited Holmwood when my twin boys were about 6 months old knowing we wanted to get them on the waiting list early, we know Pam and Karen from Pam having looked after their dad, when he went there many years ago, so it was always our number 1 choice as it was that little bit more special for us. 

My twins started Holmwood in September 2020 aged 2 and a half, with little speech and it being a very new environment having spent the past 2 and half years with me at home.

With our boys having speech delay, they at Holmwood have really focused and worked alongside us to give the boys the best help and support. 

When the boys started, they went in straight away no tears no fuss and completely at ease, they were made to feel so welcome and they had a great time, we got daily updates from Karen about how their first days were, we now get half termly updates photos and reports online which we love looking through and really look forward to them. 

We love everything about Holmwood we really couldn’t fault it, they care so much about every single child they look after, and it has a real family/motherly feel which is everything we wanted for a preschool. 

We adore Holmwood and can’t wait to enjoy another year with these lovely ladies, who are very special to us. 

Thank you for all your hard work and your care/love towards our children it really shows through our boys when they attend and talk about it at home. 


Holmwood Pre-school is more than just a pre-school; it has been a home from home for my children.  From the moment they started they have been nurtured and the individual attention they get has left me feeling confident that the staff have truly got to know my children and as a result tailored their approach to their development.  From the detailed written reports, verbal feedback at the door and happy children, I know that the staff truly care for every one of their students.  If you want to send your child to a welcoming, caring, and supportive pre-school then Holmwood is for you!


Sending my child to Holmwood was the best decision we made for her. She absolutely loved it there and was so excited to go every morning. The staff are amazing and dedicated to all the children there, their time, efforts and love for the children really shows. I never had any worries leaving my child, it was like leaving her with family. I am so sad that we cannot stay here longer. We will miss it so much.


We did not know much about Holmwood Preschool before my child started there, but we very quickly felt confident we had made a good choice. The stand-out thing for us was the care and attention the staff showed towards providing us with feedback about her progress through the school, which was concluded with the wonderful book they produced at the end of her time there, we will be sure to look back through this many times in years to come.

My child has been very happy at the school and has made many friends that she will fortunately stay with for her next school.

The school is small and friendly, and we have had every confidence that she was in safe hands every time we dropped her off. The Christmas concert is something that any newcomer to the school should not miss as well.


My son attended Holmwood Pre-school for 2 years.

Holmwood is in my view unique in that, compared with other early years providers which often have a high staff turnover and temporary or transitioning staff, all Holmwood teachers have been a the pre-school for some time, clearly because they enjoy and are very good at their jobs.  They have such pride in their work and take care to develop close relationships with each of the children.

This is evident from the personal feedback from the teachers in person and via the online software they use, which revealed week after week how well they actually knew my child.  They teach the early years curriculum in such an incredibly imaginative way ensuring that the children are always learning and absorbing information whilst playing games, having fun and socialising. 

The consideration, patience, and dedication each teacher consistently displayed was both impressive and reassuring as a parent. My son’s physicality, stubbornness and extreme emotions posed a challenge, but one which they gladly took on.  The pre-school helped him to better express himself and deal with conflict and to be more considerate of others.  Holmwood has ensured that my son is as prepared as he can be for the new challenges that big school will present.

If I had another younger child, I would not hesitate to send them to Holmwood.


All 3 of my children attended Holmwood preschool and cannot recommend enough. 

I fell in love instantly with the cosy and warm feeling as you walk through the preschool door. 

With bright wall displays, interactive play stations with different activities daily, the comfy book corner and amazing outdoor play space. 

Everything the children could need from resources to emotional support will be achieved here. The staff are all so friendly, kind, attentive, nurturing and supportive with your child’s individual needs. 

My children have flourished from either late talkers/shy/sharing issues to confident sociable children leaving more than ready for school. 

All my children thoroughly loved preschool, looked forward to going to school everyday and always enjoyed their days here. 

Very sad to have left the Holmwood family. 

From the Goulding family


Holmwood Preschool is a lovely welcoming friendly place. As a parent I feel very confident and happy leaving my child each morning knowing he is in great hands with the lovely staff. There always happy to help if there’s any problems or if I’m simply just after some advice. I couldn’t think of a better place to send my child, they’ve encouraged him so much and brought out so much confidence in him.


It was so important for us to find the right preschool for my son. As parents I was so nervous leaving him with anyone other than family, so this was a really big moment. From the moment we walked through the doors at Holmwood we knew it was the right place for him.

It’s a wonderful set up, everyone is so friendly and really put our minds at ease. Karen (and the whole team) are wonderful and my son was soon Karen’s little side kick.

They are so approachable and go above and beyond. My son is so happy and in turn that makes us very happy parents.

I have no hesitation in sending my other little boy next year.


I have had the pleasure of two children attending Holmwood Pre School. First time around I was extremely nervous having never left my daughter with anybody other than family, although my nerves were soon settled when I realised what a loving and safe environment Holmwood was. Holmwood is like a home from home for many of the children that attend. Karen and all of the staff are so kind, and the children instantly feel cared for and supported. My son who currently attends only ever comes home with stories about what a great day he has had, and he cannot wait to return for his next session. It really has been amazing for both of my children.


My son started at Holmwood Preschool in September 2019. Karen and her team are amazing, and I couldn’t ask for more kind and caring staff to be taking care of him. They have time for all the parents no matter how busy they are and make the learning experience for all the children extremely enjoyable. I also cannot praise them highly enough for the way they dealt with welcoming everyone back post lockdown. They took the time to find out how my son had found it and whether there were any issues and then made the return fun and secure for all the children. My son absolutely loves Holmwood and can’t wait to come back in September. Although he had the opportunity to move into Reception, we have decided to keep him at Holmwood for another year.

Holmwood Preschool was recommended to me via a local group on Facebook and I am so pleased I found them!

I have had two children attend the preschool. My son was 3 when he joined, he was potty trained, clever but very shy, low confidence and nervous. He did not like his previous nursery so naturally I was worried about how he would settle into preschool.

My daughter joined the preschool age 2. She’s a very happy and confident girl but had delayed speech and was not potty trained.

As you can tell I have two very different children, but I was/am thrilled with their progress whilst at preschool. My son settled very quickly; he was just so comfortable. His learning continued to progress as he was constantly challenged. He grew to be extremely confident and thoroughly enjoyed each and every day with Holmwood. My daughter’s needs have been nurtured. The preschool worked closely with us and her speech has come on leaps and bounds, and she became toilet trained very quickly. She enjoys Holmwood very much.

I think the routines the preschool use ensures the children feel comfortable very quickly and they get used to exactly what types of things to expect each day. Each morning new activities are set up on the tables and it’s so lovely to see their little faces light up as they see the fun that awaits.

I think the learning room makes the children feel safe and secure it’s a perfect size with a great variety of activities. The outdoor space is fab, and the hall is great fun too. I think it’s a toddler paradise.

I really like the staff to children ratios – this has always been important to me as you just don’t find these ratios in very many places.

There’s such a large variety of activities the preschool do with the children. I just love to read up and see photo of her on Tapestry trying new things, joining in activities, solving puzzles, and of course playing with her peers.

The Preschool teachers are consistently great. They work with the children so closely and get to know them so well. So much love, care and attention are given, as a parent I couldn’t ask for anything more. I cannot sing the Preschool’s praises enough.


My son spent a wonderful year at Holmwood, and my only regret is not discovering it sooner. He settled in extremely well and was always happy to go. The staff are very nurturing, warm, and loving towards the children, and the setting has a lovely family feel to it. My son has additional health needs which the staff dealt with very professionally and I always felt reassured leaving my child in their care. The communication between the staff and parents was good, and it was wonderful to read the very detailed observations in my son’s learning journal. The different activities set out for the children each day were fun and engaging and the learning opportunities given to the children were varied. We were very happy at Holmwood and would highly recommend this setting.


I’m so grateful I found your Preschool; I was looking for a warm nurturing nursery to send my 4 yr. old to thrive.  One where staff enjoy being around children and with warmth and nurturing get the best out of these super young minds!  

I found that and more with Holmwood!  Your team is a wonderfully caring and warm environment for my daughter to love – which she has cited regularly- ‘I love Preschool’ were her words when we sat down for lunch.  A testament in itself   and in this world of paperwork and tick box exercises, you have put the child first and what’s important – wise and warm is how I would describe Holmwood a precious find for me.

You have ALL been a wonderful source of guidance for a busy Mum juggling children and life, as well, so an enormous thank you from us all.  I hope to see Holmwood and its ethos thrive and prosper for many years to come.