Our Philosophy

Holmwood Preschool is a registered charity and managed by an elected committee which acts as the employer of staff and supports the Manager in the running of the Preschool on behalf of Wallington United Reformed Church. All parents and members of Wallington United Reformed Church may be on the committee which consists of the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and 4 or more Parents.

At Holmwood Preschool we have a clear philosophy. First and foremost our strongest commitment is to a happy valued child.  Uniquely our key workers have very small groups of key children to support and so we really get to know our children and families well. Along with this knowledge, observations and parental involvement we constantly strive to extend and develop the children’s learning. We also encourage, within the realms, of Health & Safety children to think critically and be active creative learners. As a small group (18 daily) children form strong bonds with the staff and their peers, and they are encouraged to play independently and in small groups. Very quickly staff get to know children’s likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and can offer appropriate support where needed.

If there are any concerns about a child’s progress, firstly we will address this with the parents and, working together, we will formulate next steps strategies. If appropriate, this will involve multi disciplinary agencies, and our local authority advisors. We have an open door policy for parents to talk to staff either before or after sessions to pass on information about their child. We observe, assess and plan for all children as part of a continuous cycle. We record and develop along with the parents and child a photographic Learning Journey. We hold progress meetings twice yearly.

The 2 year old check is generally completed at the end of the first half term, allowing time for the child to settle and staff to get to know your child. Any concerns or targets will be set and actioned with complete involvement and approval of the parent/carer.

We will help and guide children where needed. We include all children in every activity, adapting to their individual needs. Some children have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). We set expectations according to their stages of development and will revisit areas gently if a child is struggling or uncomfortable.

All activities are planned to ensure all children regardless of gender, age, development and mobility are included. We ensure through close relationships with the children and parents that each child has the opportunity to reach their potential in a way that is comfortable for them.

We work hard to maintain a fully inclusive approach, and to date we have been able to meet the needs of all children who have applied to Holmwood. Our building is on the ground floor, with access to a disabled lift to other levels and a disabled toilet.

Caring staff provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for the children to play, learn and have fun. The key person for allocated groups make a genuine bond, and the children develop a real sense of belonging as they form relationships with the staff who engage in their play, support their interests and talk with them. We cover the same learning objectives within a range of styles to allow for children’s different learning style, interests and personalities. We build on what a child already knows, understands and can do.

Managing Behaviour

The appropriate way to manage unacceptable behaviour will vary between children, so the adult will intervene according to the situation and the needs of the individual child. The adult will first speak with the child and that is often sufficient for the unacceptable behaviour not to be repeated. The adult may then try to divert the child to another activity or spend time with them. All incidents are dealt with at the time and quickly forgotten. We also help them find solutions to their difficulties through discussions and support at circle time, using stories and in some cases role play. However, if we feel it would be helpful to the child, we may bring the behaviour to the attention of the parent/carer.

Our full policy documents are available via email. Please contact us directly for a copy. You can also download our Ofsted report here.